Call for Competition

Competitions play an important role on the scientific researches, as they promotes the rapid dissemination of research discoveries and provides incentives to scientists and the adverse effects of competition on resource sharing, research integrity, and creativity.

International contests make a significant contribution to the academic community where they are organised. We invite to all APNNS society to submit challenge proposals to be part of the ICONIP2021 competition program. We specially encourage competition proposals from industry and any real world application with a topic relevant to ICONIP.

The competition proposal should include the following information:

Name, email, and brief bio of the proposer(s)

Aims and objectives of the competition

Competition tasks description, including the URL to the online port through which participants can receive competition tasks and submit their competition results.

The rules of the competition management, including important dates, performance evaluation, and prize giving.

Industry sponsorship and budget plan Please submit your proposal to Dr. Paul Pang, Federation University, Australia at p.pang[at]federation[dot]edu[dot]au