Guidelines for Nominating Senior Member of APNNS:
  • A regular member of the APNNS, who has been an APNNS member for normally 5 years, can self-nominate or can be nominated by an APNNS member to be considered for upgrading to Senior Member.
  • In the nomination letter, it is essential to demonstrate a significant contribution to the profession especially addressing the purpose of APNNS as reflected in the APNNS bylaws (available at ARTICLE 2 PURPOSE.
  • Beside the nomination letter, a reference letter by one of the APNNS senior members (available on the website) is required to complete the nomination process.
  • The nomination of the Senior Membership will be reviewed by the APNNS Board of Governors or Senior Member Committee and confirmation will be communicated through email and various communication media used by APNNS.
  • A digital certificate and/or digital membership card can be issued to new senior member upon request.